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The sale of medical device involves finding good distributors. GloriMed Consulting helps you to find the best strategy to distribute and sell your medical device in France and in Europe.

Technical specifications, R&D, production, certification, CE marking… Marketing medical equipment takes time and costs money.

To guarantee profitability and ensure a return on investment, there is only one solution: finding the right distributors.

But to market and sell your product in a country, you need to be familiar with the national regulations, to have the necessary authorisations and to obtain agreements from the authorities.

With 20 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, its close relations with overseas partners, a network of professionals with high added value and perfect command of languages, GloriMed Consulting will help you distribute your medical device in France and in Europe.

GloriMed Consulting finds your distributors  

Our team will help you all through the distribution process.
GloriMed Consulting looks for the distributors that are best adapted to your medical device, and finds the best distribution strategy to market and sell your product quickly.

Only by putting your medical device on the market rapidly and by marketing it effectively can a return on investment and profitability be ensured. Waste no more time, and let GloriMed Consulting take care of distributing your medical device.

GloriMed Consulting and the National Health Service (NHS)  

Do you want to break into the UK market? Make the most of GloriMed Consulting’s skills and key contacts to distribute your medical device in Europe’s second biggest market.

Thanks to its solid network of partners, our team is in direct contact with the NHS (National Health Service) – indispensable for breaking into the UK market.

Distribution in Germany and all over Europe  

Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Italy – whatever the market, GloriMed Consulting is your partner to take care of the distribution of your medical device.

GloriMed Consulting makes everything easier for you, optimising the distribution of your medical device in France and in Europe, for a maximum return on investment.

CE Marking, Registration, Regulatory Affairs, Materiovigilance, Post-market surveillance, Marketing & CommunicationsGloriMed Consulting guides you all through the lifespan of your medical device and sets up the best network of distributors for your product.

GloriMed Consulting is your key partner in managing your project
to sell and distribute your medical device.
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