GloriMed Consulting : conseil, expertise et stratégie, pour un accès personnalisé au marché des dispositifs médicaux.


Benefiting from a multi-discipline team, GloriMed Consulting guides you through all stages of the life of your medical device, covering Regulatory Affairs, Development, Marketing, Communication and more.

GloriMed Consulting offers leading-edge, technical competencies and provides you with personalised, tailor-made services, in order to fully address your goals and challenges.


After completing her studies in international sales, she soon became a part of American and French pharmaceutical groups. As such she was involved in sales strategy and the launch of new products for exportation.

As Area Sales Manager, she also participated in recording medical devices in Germany and coordinated the development of sales in Europe, working in close partnership with distributors.

Massimiliano GLORI, Président, docteur en Pharmacie et expert en Affaires Règlementaires, a d’abord occupé les fonctions de pharmacien en tant que responsable d’officine, avant de rejoindre de grands groupes pharmaceutiques et fabricants de dispositifs médicaux. Dès lors, il intervient dans la stratégie Marketing, en développant au sein de départements Marketing des outils de communication. Massimiliano GLORI

A Doctor in Pharmacy and an expert in Regulatory Affairs, he began in a pharmacist position, working as pharmacy manager, before going on to join major pharmaceutical groups and manufacturers of medical devices.

Since then, he has been involved in developing regulatory strategies within the Company, for the standardisation, placing on the market and coverage of products.

GloriMed Consulting compte aujourd'hui une dizaine de collaborateurs en France et en Europe

GloriMed Consulting today counts around ten employees in France and in Europe. Whether in CE Marking, Recording or Regulatory Affairs, all are veritable experts within their field.

These experienced, specialised professionals draw on rich and varied career paths.

What do they have in common? Being driven by the same passion: that of high-quality work, meeting 100% of your needs.

And because nothing beats continuous training, all of our employees are permanently striving to develop further and train in new regulations and innovations.
Our team regularly participates in international seminars and symposia, to keep abreast of the latest developments in the market and offer the best possible service to our customers.


GloriMed Consulting, is first and foremost a team of professionals dedicated to the success of your project.

Their thorough knowledge of European regulations makes them a solid asset to accompany you in placing your medical device on the market.
A command of several foreign languages, expertise in regulatory affairs, marketing and communication all count amongst our fields of competency.

We guide you throughout all of the key stages of your medical device, including Market launching, Coverage, Development of Sales, Marketing and Communication.

Make GloriMed Consulting your privileged partner to make the marketing of your medical device a real success

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